Tapolca Basin nature trails

Tapolca Basin nature trails

Bazaltorgona Nature Trail, Ecotourism in the Tapolca Basin on St. George’s Hill

The most busiest tourist paths on the most gorgeous natural values on St. George’s hill are the nearly 4 km long, self-returning Hungarian and German language trails of seven stations. The recommended trail path starts from the former raposkai mining line (accessible from Tapoca). The educational trail of the Balaton Uplands National Park:


GPS: 46.97529983520508 | 17.929899215698242


Badacsony Geological and Botanical Nature Trail

If Badacsony, then wine, basalt and Balaton. The geological and botanical educational trail with the bilingual signage on the side of the Badacsony Hill features the geological, botanical, zoological and landscape uses of the volcanic hills, where we can study the form of the basalt and the former mines. A guided tour is also available to view the freely accessible, self-returning educational trail.

Route: Rózsakő – Kisfaludy Lookout – Stone Gate – Stone Cross – Klastrom Fountain – Stairway of Explosions – Tördemic Lookout Tower
Distance: 4 km



Szigliget, Kamon-stone educational trail

It starts from the church of Szigliget.

46° 48′ 5.2272″ N17° 25′ 56.1504″ E 

Walking along the Blue T Tomb of the Kamon Stone Statue from the island of Szigliget, which is named after a rocky rock exploring the memories of volcanism, you can learn about the values ​​of one of the most beautiful settlements and the surroundings of the shore of Lake Balaton. We will guide you through the cozy streets of the village so you can get acquainted with the history of folk architecture, the traditional vineyards and reed farms, visit a church of Árpád-era church in the woods and discover the area its flora and fauna, as well as the major events of the geological past, the world of the former volcanoes. The nature trail is 6 km long and the altitude difference is 290 m. This distance can be reached at a comfortable pace (with shorter rest) within 2.5-3 hours.