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bazalt orgonák

Szentgyörgy Mountain Nature Trail

The Basaltorgonas trails, which can be reached in one and a half hours, fit into the busiest tourist trails of the busiest natural resources of St. George Mountain. The road starts from the former mining town of Raposka.

The 4 km long trail path describing the loop presents the fauna and flora of the Szentgyörgy mountain, leading to the basaltorgons and the hilltop offering the panorama.

The first (Hungarian and German) table of the trip from the former raposka mine, accessible from Tapolca, shows the geography of the mountain with the following flora. After the “Ice Cave” stations, the most interesting sights, basaltorgons, lead up to the 414 m peak.

The information plate of the hill can be used to identify the elements of the sphere of the panorama: the Keszthely Mountains and the spectacular view to the Somló Mountains from the testimonials of the Balaton Uplands. The boulevard, which can be reached in one and a half hours, ends with a description of the protected fauna of the area. The walking path is a symbol of the saw blade grungy.

Tapolca, Szentgyörgy Mountain